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"Where everybody knows your name..."

This is the atmosphere we feel that our team has created at The Styling Company. We are a family owned, independent hair salon with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We take pride in our success, solid reputation and staff of dedicated professionals who share a passion for hair design.

Yelp Review: 

I am the type of gal who is usually never satisfied with any stylist; I've tried everything from the most upscale salons in the city to the hair colleges.  I decided to try The Styling Company one day simply because it's close to home and I didn't have anybody I went to see regularly.  That was 15 months ago and it's still going strong! Let me just say, I love my stylist!  She is the type who does what YOU ask for (imagine?!) while not attempting to do things that your hair type can't pull off.  She's super funky with all these cool haircuts but doesn't judge or make me feel like less of a person for wanting long dreamy waves.  Plus she's super friendly and remembers all these things about me as a person. I do suppose that salon reviews are stylist specific and that it's hit or miss for most places.  But I like how I can walk into the Styling Company and feel comfortable, not like in some high end salons with all their pretences.  And I love how I know that next time I need a haircut, my super stylist is just up the road!

- Meghan M.